UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Developed by Harvard University Professor and UN special representative to the secretary general for business and human rights, John Ruggie, the Guiding Principles rest on three pillars.

  1. States are obliged to protect against human rights abuses by companies.
  2. Corporations are obliged to act with due diligence to ensure that their activities do not adversely affect the rights of those living on the targeted lands.
  3. Victims of adverse impacts have the right to seek remedy.
Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Global business and human rights website, delivering up-to-date and comprehensive news in eight languages. Over 177,000 people visit it every month, while BHRRC’s free Weekly Update e-newsletter has over 14,000 subscribers around the world, including advocates, activists, businesspeople.

Human Rights and Business Country Guide

A free website developed by the Danish Institute for Human Rights that provides country-specific guidance to help companies respect human rights and contribute to development.

Business Responsibility to Respect Indigenous Rights

Companies have a number of tools available to help them comply with UN and other international human rights standards.

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